Pocket Lent

Mardi Gras

Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday: Architecture

Yellow Loveseat


Oxbow & Plow


Golden Throat

Barber Shop Waiting

What Color is This Dress?



Tall Figure, Long Shadow

Santa Teresa


Triceratops Labyrinth, Tri Tri Again

Robot Vulnerability

Apathy: Triceratops in Labyrinth

Lightning Bug

La Pucelle d'Orléans

Portrait on Black (Angel d'Or)

Bertrand Knew


A Psalm of David

New Orleans

Transport and Prayer: Left Hand

Sacred Spaces


Frost Bites

R&R, Chair, Pinecone, and Path


What Would

Sacred Words

Pursuing God

99 to 1


Zakheus with Jesus

Fearless Saint

Face, Torn

Tapestry (Sewing Machine)

St. Virginia Slim

Minotaur (Leaving the Labyrinth)

Church, Ladders and Conversation

Burning Church

Mechanical City

Station One: Jesus at the Mount of Olives

Station Two: Jesus is Betrayed in Several Ways

Station Three: Jesus is Condemned

Station Four: Peter Denies Jesus

Station Five: Jesus Before Pilate

Station Six: Jesus is Scourged

Station Seven: Jesus Takes Up His Cross

Station Eight: Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus

Station Nine: Jesus & The Women of Jerusalem

Station Ten: Jesus is Crucified

Station Eleven: Jesus Promises His Kingdom

Station Twelve: Jesus, Mary and John

Station Thirteen: Jesus Dies

Station Fourteen: Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

Interstice 3-Blank Domino

Locked Frame

Good Friday

He is Risen, Indeed

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