Peregrine, the first collection of poems from Paul R. Soupiset, alternates between intimate confessional and constructivist wordplay. Written during an intense and extremely prolific season, the author captured and refined a small body of work that explores the entry into life’s second half, a particular season described by Soupiset as “…full of transition, sadness, disappointment and misunderstanding”. Themes of beauty, love, faith, exile, forgiveness, fidelity, and vocation are explored, celebrated and brought into relief amidst the doubts and misgivings of midlife.

Mockingbird is the the second collection of constructivist wordplay poems from San Antonio poet Paul R. Soupiset. Available on Amazon and at local San Antonio independent bookstores, this volume continues Paul’s explorations begun in Peregrine: the entry into life’s second half, faith and doubt in and around a small liturgical community, sobering losses and gains, faltering prayers, crypto-confessional sketches, and pilgrimage-poems unfold over a nine-month writing period in 2014 and 2015.

Nest, the third collection of poems from Paul R. Soupiset, continues in the tradition of Peregrine and Mockingbird. Nest pulls deeply from themes of healing, hope, and redemption, while continuing to grapple with rear-view mirror ghosts, questions of privilege and justice, and enneagrammatic wanderings.  Available on Amazon and at Twig Book Store in San Antonio.