Drawing Close // Documentary on Illustrator Paul Soupiset from Isenhower Productions on Vimeo.

Kyle Isenhower and I have been working together, making short films together for maybe five years, trailers, interviews, adverts, and storytelling, all in the service of our clients. My part of that collaboration is usually illustrative with a little creative direction thrown in. So Kyle knows my artwork well.

So when he approached me about making a film about my Lenten Sketchbooks, it totally felt right. It was more like two friends talking — the camera just happened to be on. We filmed the downtown and studio scenes earlier in 2015, with a few final parts, (like my daughter and I painting) shot a week or so ago.

Then Kyle approached a mutual friend of ours, Ben Smith, to compose the score for the film, and the whole thing came together — beautifully, I might add — over the past week. Kyle’s been hard at work editing, and today, he emerged with the following documentary. I’m humbled and tickled. And I hope you enjoy this glimpse into one facet of my art-making.


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