La Villita

Organic Shapes and a Street Corner

Eucharist & Gethsemani

Vespers, Terce

Good Friday

God’s Living Room

To Draw

Christus Victor

Knew Under the Sun

To Look at Life Through Your Un-Lens

Still Life

Labyrinth (When Abbots Go Bad)


A Tent

Seattle Tacoma

Simon and the Pious Women

Sanhedrin and the Crown

To Heal the Schism


Street Scene

The Last Month

Halide & Halogen

Palm Sunday (Who Can Follow Me)

Gunter Hotel, Two Views

Blue Rodeo

A Porch


San Antonio Intersection

Street Saint

For Wanting

Internal Dialogue

The Four Frowning Waitresses

Naked Iguana Lounge

Ash Wednesday

Count Me In

Station One

The Tomb Could Not Contain Him

Unworthy to Connect Your Dots

Café Crepe ATX

Station Two


(After Baker)

Watercolor Set/Coffee with T.J.


Lent/Grape Soda

2007 Lenten Sketchbook – New 2
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