Terminal Minotaur

In Art, News, Video by Paul Soupiset

The SANDY WOOD & OTHER VOICES channel just went live on YouTube a few moments ago. A collaborative YouTube channel where Sandy brings together poets, painters, filmmakers, voice talent, photographers, and other creatives. 

Terminal Minotaur was the first video in the series, and was a collaboration between Chris Taylor, Sandy Wood and myself, with video support from Kyle Isenhower.

Sandy Wood has been a writer/producer and voice talent for over three decades. Since 1991, she has been the voice of Star Date Radio which is heard nationwide on approximately 350 commercial and NPR stations. She was featured in a New York Times article Oct 30, 2011 and wrote the foreword to National Geographic’s Backyard Guide to the Night Sky.

Chris Taylor is an American singer-songwriter, visual artist and illustrator based in San Antonio, TX. He is the former lead singer of the band Love Coma and has been a solo performer since 1997. Taylor’s 2000 album, “Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth” was nominated as Rock Album of the year for 2001. His newest album is Creatio Ex Nihilo (Creation From Nothing).

Kyle Isenhower is a Video/Media Producer, husband, father, home coffee-roaster, gardener, DIYer, & lover of all things tech. And, Co-founder @theparksa